Media Share

Media Share is a general purpose content management system to ingest, organize, enrich, display and share any data type. It saves time, has a five-minute learning curve, and easily integrates with existing workflows.

Features and Benefits

  • Instant Productivity

    Intuitive interface with five-minute learning curve.

  • Add Data

    Ingest a video, photo, document, IoT data, etc. from your desktop or anywhere and add to a folder.

  • Organize

    Categorize data with hierarchical folders.

  • Enrich

    Add automatic, human-generated and machine-learning metadata.

  • Transcribe

    Automatically generate a transcription from any video or audio. Includes smart formatting, speaker labels, and keyword spotting.

  • Locate

    Add GPS and azimuth metadata.

  • Find

    Search using any data or metadata. Create custom methodologies.

  • Request

    Use URLs or QR codes to crowdsource or selectively obtain data.

  • Collaborate

    Download, export, and share with colleagues and others without loss of organization or metadata.

  • Display

    Support for any data type: rich media, documents, IoT data, web sites, streaming data, etc.

  • Multi-View

    View multiple objects with time synchronization.

  • Context

    View connections among datum/metadatum

  • Stay Current

    Apply retention rules to archive or delete old data.

  • Private Data

    Embargo data until ready for collaboration.

  • Browser Support

    Available for all modern browsers.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Deploy on-premises, in a cloud, in a hybrid configuration, small form-factor compute, or air-gapped.

  • Multi-Tier Networks

    Build and manage multi-tier compute and storage networks for complex data processing pipelines.

  • API

    Interact with the application programmatically.

  • Reports/Alerts

    Operational transparency for end-users, managers and stakeholders.

  • Automate

    Create workflows to automate metadata enrichment, alerting, and reporting.

Use Cases

Media Share provides value to multiple industries and end users.

  • Enterprises

    Dashboards to manage operating data from multiple sources. Analytics to increase understanding. Workflows to automate tasks.
  • IoT

    Display and management of data from sensors, cameras, and controllers.
  • Investigations

    Digital evidence management to reduce time-to-evidence
  • Education

    Curation and delivery of learning objects

About Us

Common Caches is a US-based developer of data workflow solutions for multiple industries and use cases. We provide tools for managing the largest datasets.


We work with complimentary hardware, software, and services partners to provide end-to-end solutions.


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