There are an unlimited number of videos, photos, documents, etc. that can be used for public safety, education, training, research, or professional development. Organizing content, enriching with multiple types of metadata, integrating with existing workflow, and sharing with others is time consuming, inefficient, and often too complex.

Media Share

Media Share is a productivity utility to organize, enrich, view and share any type of content. It saves time, has a five-minute learning curve, and easily integrates with existing workflows.

Features and Benefits

  • Instant Productivity

    Intuitive interface with five-minute learning curve.

  • Add Content

    Ingest a video, photo, document, etc. from your desktop or anywhere and add to a folder.

  • Organize

    Categorize content with hierarchical folders.

  • Enrich

    Add automatic, human-generated and machine-learning metadata.

  • Transcribe

    Automatically generate a transcription from any video or audio. Includes smart formatting, speaker labels, and keyword spotting.

  • Locate

    Add GPS and azimuth metadata.

  • Find

    Search using metadata, transcriptions, location, etc.

  • Request

    Publish a URL or QR code to crowdsource or selectively obtain content.

  • Share

    Download, export, and share with colleagues and others. Use URLs or embed codes with any web site, document or application.

  • Media Support

    Support for multiple file formats (videos, photos, documents, audios, text, etc.)

  • Multi-View

    View multiple objects with time synchronization.

  • Stay Current

    Apply retention rules to archive or delete old content.

  • Private Content

    Embargo content until ready for sharing.

  • Browser Support

    Available for all modern browsers.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Deploy on-premises, in a cloud, or in a hybrid configuration.

  • Automate

    Create workflows to automate metadata enrichment, alerting, and reporting.

Industry Use Cases

Media Share provides value to many industries.

  • Research

    Metadata annotation to establish groundtruth when building machine-learning models.
  • Enterprises

    Sales enablement, knowledge management, and new-hire onboarding.
  • Financial

    Video-centric delivery of financial research and market coverage to drive customer engagement.
  • Healthcare

    Professional development and patient education.

Public Safety

Investigators and analysts are challenged by the growth of the quantity, sources, and rapid change of digital evidence. The Boston Marathon attack in 2013 produced about 50 terabytes of data. The Las Vegas shooting in 2017 produced 1 petabyte of data. This represents a 20x increase in four years. Content comes from multiple sources (BWCs, fixed cameras, mobile cameras, UAVs, tip lines, inter-agency sharing, etc.), requires special handling (chain of custody, FedRAMP, CJIS), and is subject to public policy and governance.

About Us

Common Caches is a US-based developer of content workflow software for multiple industries and use cases. We focus on ease-of-use, integrating with existing ways of working, and the rapid deployment of new functionality.