Media Share Tip Line

A lightweight application for law enforcement, citizens, businesses, intermediaries, or private intelligence providers to collect and share crowdsourced data.

  • Unlimited tip lines

    Create standing, per-event, per-space, etc. tiplines.

  • Request

    Use URLs or QR codes to crowdsource or selectively obtain data.

  • Customizable

    Per tipline banner, logo, and instructions.

  • Anonymous

    Protect tipster identity to encourage participation.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Available SaaS, self-hosted, and on-premises. Use your own storage.

  • API

    Interact with the application programmatically.

  • Stand-alone or integrated with existing systems.

  • System Report and Activity Log

    Operational transparency for end-users, administrators and stakeholders.

  • Needle in the Haystack Tools

    Multiple search methodologies to triage a large number or surge of tips.

  • Chain of Custody

    Who, what, and when recorded in an immutable log.

  • Encryption

    In-transit and at-rest.

  • Hashing


  • Security Policies

    Support for multiple controls.

  • Embedded Tipster UI

    Keep tipsters on originating web page.

  • Multiple ways to share

    Export item(s), whole tips, or share with other users. ZIP, CSV, TXT, and PDF.


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Common Caches is a US-based developer of digital evidence solutions for law enforcement, private sector, and national security customers.

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