Features and Benefits

  • Instant Productivity

    Intuitive interface with five-minute learning curve.

  • Add Data

    Ingest a video, photo, document, IoT data, etc. from your desktop or anywhere and add to a folder.

  • Organize

    Categorize data with hierarchical folders.

  • Enrich

    Add automatic, human-generated and machine-learning metadata.

  • Transcribe

    Create a transcription from video or audio. Includes smart formatting, speaker labels, and keyword spotting.

  • Optical Character Recognition

    Turn documents into text.

  • Locate

    Add GPS and azimuth metadata.

  • Find

    Search using any data or metadata. Create custom methodologies.

  • Request

    Use URLs or QR codes to crowdsource or selectively obtain data.

  • Collaborate

    Download, export, and share with colleagues and others without loss of organization or metadata.

  • Display

    Support for any data type: rich media, documents, IoT data, web sites, streaming data, etc.

  • Multi-View

    View multiple objects with time synchronization.

  • Context

    View connections between items.

  • Retention Rules

    Apply simple or complex rules to archive or delete data according to rules, policies, laws, orders, etc.

  • Private Data

    Embargo data until ready for collaboration.

  • Browser Support

    Available for all modern browsers.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Deploy on-premises, in a cloud, in a hybrid configuration, small form-factor compute, or air-gapped.

  • Multi-Tier Networks

    Build and manage multi-tier compute and storage networks for complex data processing pipelines.

  • API

    Interact with the application programmatically.

  • Reports/Alerts

    Operational transparency for end-users, administrators and stakeholders.

  • Automate

    Business process logic ('workflows') to automate governance, metadata enrichment, alerting/reporting, etc.

  • Web 3.0 / Distributed App

    Plug into a 3rd party blockchain.

  • Provenance

    Determine file authenticity and history.

  • Not fragile

    No external code or infrastructure dependencies. Full functionality in air-gapped networks.


Tip Line

Crowdsource intelligence with the public.

  • Pay month by month with a credit card

  • Unlimited tip lines

  • Anonymous/non-attribution

  • Abuse filter

  • SaaS Deliverable

  • Advanced search and sharing tools

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