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In Norse mythology, Odin, the Allfather and chief of the Aesir gods, is often associated with a pair of ravens named Huginn and Muninn. These two intelligent and mysterious birds play a significant role in the Norse pantheon, serving as Odin's messengers and scouts. Every day, these ravens would embark on a journey across the Nine Realms, observing the happenings in Midgard (the world of humans) and reporting back to Odin in Asgard. They would fly over the land, seas, and skies, seeking knowledge and insights. Huginn represented the concept of conscious thought, and Muninn represented deep memory and perception. At the end of the day, Huginn and Muninn would return to Odin's shoulders and whisper their findings into his ears. This allowed Odin to stay informed about events in the realms and maintain his wisdom and knowledge.

Common Caches

File Sharing Software For Digital Evidence

Welcome to Common Caches, digital evidence solutions for public sector, private sector, and not-for-profit.

Product Information

c2share is a digital evidence management application configured to support file-sharing and tip line use cases. A common use of c2share is to replace USBs and hard drives as a way to store and share digital evidence.


Use Cases

Some of the use cases for c2share:

Latest News

5 March 2024

We are pleased to announce our latest customer win, the Mississippi Gaming Commission, who will use c2share to obtain surveillance video, reports, etc. from casinos, review, and share information with prosecutors.

22 January 2024

Partnership with Blue Lights Digital.

Common Caches and Blue Lights Digital (BLD) are excited to announce a longstanding trans-Atlantic partnership, focusing on the secure storage and sharing of critical information for enterprise, law enforcement, and national security stakeholders.

Among the initial products and services built on c2share, Blue Lights Digital offers innovative solutions for the management of Open Source Information (OSINF). This includes the ability to deduplicate and ensure the integrity of OSINF through seamless third-party API interoperability.

27 December 2023

We were interviewed by Taylor May of on his podcast, 'Nothing by the truth,' regarding the product and first customer win.

21 December 2023

We are pleased to announce the first commercial customer of c2share. The Drug and Violent Crime Task Force from the 21st Judicial District Attorney's Office (Oklahoma) will use c2share for secure file sharing and storage of case-related materials among multiple police departments, the District Attorney, and Federal stakeholders.

Company Details

Founded in 2016, the company is a privately-held, US-based software developer building digital evidence management solutions. Run by its two founders, the traditional combination of technical and business, the company spent the first five years of its existence gathering domain knowledge and building intellectual property. The company is now marketing its first product, c2share, to a global audience.

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We have our own terminology to represent large, complex concepts

T-bone steak at Waffle House/Margaritas at Taco Bell To do something inadvisable, with potential short-term harm, but nothing that would cause a long-term problem.

Carboat Something that is ½ of one thing, ½ another, doing neither well.

Four bars and a stupid question Good connectivity to a bad idea.

Ducks landing on ice Trying something for the first time, with too much confidence, too little experience, and a flailing failure as the outcome.

Opening a garage door in Ohio When a program doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

Practice Anxiety Worrying about something before you really have to.

Crossed-Mitten Award Internal company recognition for humility and not committing hubris.

Uploading Chickens Tip line spam.

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