There is an unlimited number of videos, PDFs, etc. that can be used for education, training, instruction, or professional development. Curating content, integrating with existing workflow, and sharing with others is time consuming, inefficient, and often complex.

Media Share

Media Share is a productivity utility for enterprises to curate, share and discover video-centric content. It saves time, requires no training, and integrates with existing workflow.

Features and Benefits

  • Instant Productivity

    Intuitive interface with five minute learning curve.

  • Organize

    Create playlists with hierarchical folders.

  • Add Content

    Choose a video, PDF, etc. from your desktop or anywhere and add to a playlist.

  • Transcription

    Automatically generate a transcription from any video or audio. Includes smart formatting, speaker labels, and keyword spotting.

  • Meta-data

    Add user-generated tags. Additional information (file name, playlist, owner) is automatically added.

  • Find

    Search for content using meta-data and transcriptions.

  • Re-use

    Decrease time spent searching for content. Benefit from curation by colleagues.

  • Share

    Download content. Use URLs or embed codes with any web site, document or application.

  • View

    Watch a video or view a PDF in Media Share.

  • Stay Current

    Archive old content.

  • Private Content

    Embargo content until ready for sharing.

  • Browser Support

    Media Share is available as a Chrome extension.

  • Store

    Store content on any server, cloud or a Raspberry Pi. Supports on-premises, off-premises, dedicated hardware, or virtualized.

  • New Features

    Stay tuned for new functionality.

Use Cases

Media Share provides value to multiple industries.

  • Education

    Curation and sharing of instructional materials by teachers, instructors, etc.
  • Enterprises

    Sales enablement, knowledge management, and new hire onboarding.
  • Financial

    Video-first delivery of financial research and market coverage to drive customer engagement.
  • Security

    Greater situational awareness (after-action and live) for retail chains, commercial districts, and first responders.
  • Healthcare

    Professional development and patient education.

About Us

Common Caches is a US-based developer of content workflow utilities for enterprises. We focus on ease-of-use, not disrupting existing ways of working, and making it easy for customers to benefit from new functionality.

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