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Media Share

There is an unlimited number of videos, PDFs, etc. that can be used for education, training, instruction, or professional development.

Finding and curating them into playlists, integrating with existing workflow, and sharing with others is time consuming, inefficient, and often limited by ‘vendor lock-in.’

Media Share is a productivity tool that saves time, requires no training to use, and does not limit how or where content can be used.

Any source or destination

Create a playlist from any source and integrate with any workflow. No vendor lock-in.

First-day productivity

Intuitive interface with 5 minute learning curve.


Select a video, PDF, etc. from a web site, your desktop, or anywhere and add to a playlist.


Curate playlists using hierarchical folders.


Store your content on any server or cloud (AWS, Google Drive, on-premises, hosted, etc.).


Share playlists with colleagues. Copy and paste URLs, embed codes or HTML into any web site, document, application or ePortfolio. Re-use anytime.


Find content by name or meta-data.


Watch a video or view a PDF directly from Media Share.

Add Meta-data

Add any tag (subject, class, name, section, etc.).

Stay Current

Archive old content.


Support for multiple authentication schemas (OAuth, etc.).

Browser Extension

Available for Chrome.

Private Content

Embargo content until ready for sharing.


Priced for the smallest customers to the largest.

Use Cases

Media Share provides value to multiple industries.


Organization and sharing of instructional materials by teachers, instructors, etc.

Large Enterprises

Knowledge management to share product, technical or market information with colleagues, customers, partners or new hires.


Sharing of surveillance video for retail chains, commercial districts, and first responders.


Professional development and patient education.

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