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Media Curation and Sharing

Scott Landman, CEO

Scott is the founder and CEO of Common Caches. For nearly 25 years he has identified new market opportunities, built and managed complex ecosystems, and brought new products to market.

Prior to Common Caches, he held sales, business development and strategy roles with Ericsson, Cisco, nuMetra/InterStream, and Current Analysis.

Paul Zagaeski, COO

Paul is the Chief Operating Officer of Common Caches. He specializes in product stratety, partnering, competitive analysis, and customer experience.

Prior to Common Caches, he led the Custom Consulting group at Forrester Research for nearly a decade.

Scott Toward, VP, Engineering

Scott Toward is the Vice President, Engineering. He is a senior solutions architect specializing in internet streaming technologies including digital media workflow automation, integration of tape and film based encoding systems, fully automated on-demand transcoding farms, high performance petabyte storage, cloud computing and storage, CDN delivery, digital asset management and streaming media broadcast in both live and on-demand environments.

Prior to Common Caches, he held senior architect roles with Ericsson, Elsevier, Ceske Radiokomunikace, Origin Digital (Accenture), and Limelight Networks.

Media Share

There is an unlimited number of videos that can be used for education, training, instruction, or professional development. Finding and curating them into playlists, integrating with existing workflow, and sharing with students and colleagues is time consuming, inefficient, and often limited by ‘vendor lock-in.’ Media Share is a productivity tool that saves time, requires no training to use, and does not limit how and where videos can be used.

Any source or destination

Create a playlist from any source and integrate with any workflow. No vendor lock-in.

First-day productivity

Intuitive interface with 5 minute learning curve.


Select a video from a web site, your desktop, or anywhere and add to a playlist.


Curate playlists using hierarchical folders.


Store your content on any server or cloud (AWS, Google Drive, on-premises, hosted, etc.).


Share playlists with colleagues. Copy and paste URLs, embed codes or HTML into any web site, document, application or ePortfolio. Re-use anytime.


Find videos by name or any meta-data.


Watch a video directly from Media Share.

Add Meta-data

Add any tag (subject, class, name, section, etc.).


Support for multiple authentication schemas (OAuth, etc.).

Browser Extension

Available for Chrome.


Priced for the smallest customers to the largest.

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